connecting from afar

remote offerings

microdosing resources

Are you brand new to working with psilocybin? watch microdosing basics video

Are you having trouble navigating the psychedelic space and would like to find a safe and knowledgeable place to land? book an educational intake

.: Microdosing Offerings :.

- ongoing support and dosage adjustments

- make your own medicine kits: capsules

visual art services

I specialize in psychedelic, neutral tone, photo layering designs/ templates and I'm happy to serve the vision of your earth-first brand with:

- website design

- social media templates + mentorship

- graphic design (event flyers, web art)

For ongoing brand design help, begin with brand design form and book an educational intake session to see if I can help you meet your goals.

mushWOMB temple community

- open forum, biwoc led + moderated virtual clubhouse community

- safe place for psychedelic mothers, families, and folks of all kinds to dive into education, advocacy, the body and indigenization around earth medicines

- check out some of our favorite chats here (scroll to the bottom)

herbal smoke blends

For those ready to elevate their smoking experience, with herbs.

Suitable for folks trying to kick big tobacco or want to come in right relationship with cannabis. Learn more about smokeable plants.

They can support the nervous system plagued by anxiety and be great additions to mindfulness practice.

deepening care

in person services

yoni steam + womb journey

in-person yoni steam journey: 2.5 hour experience

- custom yoni steam blend

- altar making, ancestral offerings, yoni yoga, dance and movement

- womb massage, facial, drumming, feet blessing and body rest

- divination and offerings to the land

- microdose is available upon request

- treatment location in North County San Diego, CA

book a yoni steam + womb journey service

mushWOMB ceremonies

- ongoing community ceremony sits 4-6 times per year

- personal / private ceremony experiences for individuals and small groups

(begin the process with a free "vibe check")

motherhood blessings

- rite of passage ritual, performed during the third trimester to honor the birthing person

- serving private groups of 2-9

- can include microdose offering

- labor candle creation, bead stringing ritual, song/ chant recording, foot washing and wisdom share

- can travel up to 25 miles from 92026

(begin the process with a free "vibe check")