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mama de la myco

mushWOMB candles : light of my life

mushWOMB candles : light of my life

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Mushwombs are the light of so many of our lives, so we honor this, by letting them light our way through the darkest part of the year.  Holistic holiday gifts for journeyers.

journey tea comes with everything one needs for a solstice ceremony — tulsi, cedar, rose and the golden ones ✨ (1.5 g)

20-hour lights for your ceremonial way, with optional journey. 

this season's intentions: illumination

scent: Himalayan cedar and rose

topped: red cedar, rose bud and mushWOMB


Warning: please burn on heat-safe table, herbs burn hot, let cool before handling.

Care information

store all remedies in cool, dark place.

they are all shelf stable, so no refrigeration is needed, however, all containers should be air tight to maintain freshness.

keep these remedies close to your heart, store them in a place you will find them and visit them often.

singing music for them and sharing with friends is encouraged!

feel free to contact us

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