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into the play : play parties, beyond the basics (course replay)

into the play : play parties, beyond the basics (course replay)

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Into the play is a single lecture with Q&A.  With this purchase, you will receive (1) 90 minute prerecorded lecture videos given February 2024.

What is Into the Play? 

Into the Play is a short but dense education lecture centering BIPOC voices in the play party space.  It was co-created with Luis Cortes / Tony of Sucia NYC.

We will continue doing our best to bring whole being, consent centric sensual education out there because it absolutely saved my life and got me on the right track to addressing the needs of my body and my soul.

In the lecture series, we teach -- 
• safety & stds
• consent
• navigating play time
• emotional/ spiritual hygiene 
• nervous system care
• where to begin and find your play community

and way way more

Care information

store all remedies in cool, dark place.

they are all shelf stable, so no refrigeration is needed, however, all containers should be air tight to maintain freshness.

keep these remedies close to your heart, store them in a place you will find them and visit them often.

singing music for them and sharing with friends is encouraged!

feel free to contact us

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