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liquid sunshine : rose water spray & micro vial

liquid sunshine : rose water spray & micro vial

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Stay hydrated and radiant all summer long with rose water spray. Perfect for basking in the sun, this travel-friendly engraved reusable rose gold frosted glass bottle includes rose petals and mica powder for a natural shimmer. Refreshing and protective, rose water is a beautiful companion to your summer worshiping journeys.

While we may eat mushrooms on winter solstice, we drop lysergic for the summer solstice.  

LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH LIQUID SUNSHINE -- the guide (with discount code)

Liquid sunshine micro vial comes with everything one needs for ongoing connection with our inner sun — peppermint oil, alcohol to preserve and liquid sunshine ✨

(full bottle = 100 micrograms | one drop = 1 microgram :: typical serving: 3-5 drops during the day, can repeat 1 day on 2 days off, or as needed)

3 fl oz. rose water spray for your ceremonial way, with a vial of liquid sunshine. 

Care information

store all remedies in cool, dark place.

they are all shelf stable, so no refrigeration is needed, however, all containers should be air tight to maintain freshness.

keep these remedies close to your heart, store them in a place you will find them and visit them often.

singing music for them and sharing with friends is encouraged!

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